WiZiFi Pickup/Drop-off at Athens Airport

WiZiFi Pickup/Drop-off Point (PDP) is operational 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, at Aktina Travel Group premises at Athens Airport.  WiZiFi PDP is located at the Airport's Arrival Hall and it is operated in partnership with AKTINA Travel Group.  The exact location of the AKTINA Travel front-desk can be found here.

We offer the possibility to pickup your WiZiFi order and get connected from the very first moment of your arrival in Greece, as well as to keep using WiZiFi service until the very last minute before your departure.  It is strongly recommended to book early the pickup of your WiZiFi order from our Athens Airport PDP, to avoid late-order unavailability.

New WiZiFi Pickup/Drop-off Points (PDPs) in most of the international airports in Greece are also coming soon.